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    I have always loved photography, and loved taking pictures in my spare time. It wasn't until I had my 1st son though that I realized just how fleeting and precious moments can be. I love looking through pictures from years ago and being able to relive the memory and emotions that were captured. I feel blessed that I am hopefully able to provide those same moments for my clients.

    I enjoy all types of photography, but there is one that I am especially passionate about; newborns. There is nothing more fleeting like those first few weeks of life. I know all too well how easy it can be to forget all those special moments when mixed with endless diapers and sleepless nights. For that reason, I feel personally responsible to capture as many memories as I can with each session and go the extra mile to capture those moments in time.

    I am based in Centurion, Gauteng. Contact me today to find out more about how I can help you capture those memories.


Sweetest Little Ryan Jonker

I had the pleasure to meet Ryno & Antoinette not too long ago for their ‘maternity’ shoot… little Ryan’s name was still a secret, and now, now he is here, the sweetest little thing, he was such a great poser, only a couple of days old and he had us all wrapped around his little finger… May you grow with lots of love little man 🙂

Siboyi Family Shoot

The Siboyi Family brought their sweetest new addition to the family in for a shoot… and my, what a gorgeous family, the are nicely rounded off now. This little one loved the camera, great eye contact, but she made us work for that beautiful smile!

Pretty Sisters

Margarette brought in her to gorgeous girls for a quick shoot, she only needed a few photos and a canvas as a gift… and as usual I might have been a bit trigger happy 🙂 The girls are the same age as my boys, and goodness, time flies, they are so cute!

Lucky Luke

I had the pleasure of having Luke in studio again, this little man is just the cutest, he was busy, up and down and as any boy his age should be, they are exploring and pushing boundaries, but if you look at this face, he is most welcome doing what makes him happy, his is just gorgeous! xxx

Zibusiso turned 3!

So, little Zibusiso is one of my long standing clients… I have had the pleasure of doing the family shoots since little Zibu was still in hospital, a day after his birth, and now, now this happy and very expressive little man is finally 3!  Boy how time flies! He is truly loved by all, and the apple of mom & dad’s eye 🙂